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 Forum Etiquette (Rules and Guidelines)

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PostSubject: Forum Etiquette (Rules and Guidelines)   Fri Oct 02, 2009 11:02 am

No Racism allowed
to any extent.
Permanent Forum Ban

No personal attacks. Insulting people
for acting stupid, or being a crappy leader are acceptable, insulting people's
family and children is not.
As deemed necessary by the Staff member dealing with the issue.

No harassing of another community member.
This includes but is not limited to sexual harassment, stalking, daily flame
threads devoted to the individual, repeated Private Messages sent.
Temporary ban or Permanent ban if needed.

No avid flaming outside the designated sections.
Punishment: Posts deleted, warnings given, temporary
ban given if individual becomes a problem, and permanent ban if the individual

No disrespecting the Staff for any
reason. This includes Admins, and Moderators.
week (14 day ban) for first offense. Permanent ban for second offense.

Discussion of discipline in public forums is
, unless brought up by a GM or Admin. Bans or warnings
will be discussed in private messages only otherwise.
As deemed necessary by Staff member who gave the original Punishment.

Ban evading will not be tolerated at
all and will result in further more severe Punishment. Ban evading includes
changing your IP Address.
Ranges on a case by case basis.

No sharing of bug/glitch/exploit information on
the forums.
Permanent Forum ban.

No Political Endorsement and Campaign.
Punishment: First offense temporary
ban. Second offense permanent ban.

Random SPAMMING is not allowed. It is
not the goal of the forums to assist in increasing your post count. This also
includes the posting comments that do not enhance the thread such as
Punishment: Spam posts deleted, temporary ban, or possible
permanent ban if it becomes an issue.

All images posted are to be of PG-13 rating at the most. This means no nudity (male or female).
Punishment: Picture removed and temporary forum ban.

No linking to Pornographic Websites by
any means.
Punishment: Picture removed and temporary forum ban.

No avid and/or repeated sexual language in any
part of the forums.
Calling someone a "nuthugger" once in
a rare while in a heated some topic thread and discussions is fine, but there
is no reason to be discussing the sexual anatomy of people nor sexual acts.
Post deleted and warning sent in most cases. Repeat offenders will receive a
temporary ban at the Staff Member's discression. Serious offenders will receive
a permanent forum ban.

Note: The Staff reserve
the right to change or alter rules or Punishments at any time as deemed
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Forum Etiquette (Rules and Guidelines)
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